Rainier Rodriguez

Creative Web Developer

Creative, results driven web producer with proven track record of successful web development projects. Able to manage web site development processes from architectural and functional design concept through completion. Communicate effectively with both domestic and international customers via all electronic mediums to maximize customer satisfaction and derive successful outcomes.

Scientific Mobile Development

Meet Mindspec.org based out of McLean Virginia this non profit organization utilizes innovative bioinformatics strategies to accelerate research on common neurodevelopmental disorders with its main focus on autism. Here is a look at some of the user interfaces that I developed for them:

Autism Quiz APP

Autism Reading Room offers four challenging quizzes! Each quiz comprises ten multiple choice or true/false questions. By taking a quiz, you can learn new information about autism in a fun and interactive way. Plus, you might clarify a few misconceptions that are prominent in the community.


Autism Decoder

Brought to you by a team of interdisciplinary scientists, the Autism Decoder app is a new mobile interface that describes the latest autism research findings in easy-to-understand writing. You can flip through research summaries chronologically or by your category of interest.


Scientific Web Applications Development

Wireframe - Compostion - Story Board - Production