Natasha Ramirez Portfolio

Portafolio ImagesSince young, every word, every emotion, every thought, was immediately illustrated in my head, and this was achieved after obtaining my degree in Law, specialized in Intellectual Property at Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas, Venezuela. But because of this passion for a pencil and a white sheet, I decided to become an Illustrator at the Caracas Institute of Design, also in Venezuela. While in the journey of experience, I added Graphic Design and web into my list of skills, at the Dublin Institute of Design in Ireland. During this time, I also got interested in photography as a tool to generate copy write material and content on the website project I am part of. I am qualified to work with Adobe Creative Suite CS6, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, also Corel Painter 12, AutoCAD, and different tablet apps, created to illustrate and design from the devices, such as Adobe Ideas, Procreate, SketchBook. Languages are part of my abilities, as I speak native spanish and english, and fluid italian. As a proud member of this Team, I am always up for the next exciting challenge, such as creating marketing concepts, brand images and diverse copywriter material with a marketing strategy in order to the develop your product at the highest level of quality that today’s competitive market requires to stand out.

Digital Illustration Projects