What Are Websites For?

What Are Websites For? Web sites, like the Web itself, exist for a purpose. Clarifying the purpose of a web site is a crucial to the success of a Web design project and to the effectiveness of the site. It is important to know that Web sites go beyond the scope of the old conventions of earlier media of communication and exchange. Keep in mind that Web sites are an interactive medium that are always chaining and evolving .

  • Balancing a websites with two perspectives . Developing a site that accomplishes its intended purpose requires bringing together the perspectives of two entities: the site owner/sponsor and the intended visitor/user. From the perspective of the owner or sponsor, the sites purpose is based on what the owners/sponsors want to accomplish and how they want to be perceived. From the user’s perspective. the site’s purpose is based on the identity of the intended users and the reasons for visiting.This perspectives should not be at odds with each other, Road2xl  forms the foundation of purpose that guides the projects from start to finish. These perspectives should achieve balance, perhaps slightly in the favor of the user, but with out ignoring the goals of the sponsor.From this perspective of the business, organization, individual or enterprise that owns the site, part of the purpose of the Web site has to do with what the owner wants its image -its  identity or “presence” -to be. Early in the design process  is important to determine  how the Web site fits the owners vision of relating to the intended audience.
  • We want to encourage site owners to think about the general objectives ,strategies and mission of their sites. this way you will  enhance your past efforts allowing  your company to become an  industry leader by showcasing a strong online presence.Felling welcome is important to users. whatever the site represents, it is the bases upon which visitors  will form a conclusion about the business. Web relationships are formed  (or lost ) through the briefest of encounters. Much rest on the initial impression of the site  that is provided; the value of the learning that occurs; the degree to which essential services are offered  and problems are solved, and the speed and clarity with which the site is presented. these aspects affect the level of alliance visitors feel.To help you you establish this rapport, our team will help you answer the fallowing questions:
  1. Who are the intended visitors for the site ?
  2. Why will they come ?
  3. Will the achieve what they came for?
  4. Will the Experience be positive to them?
  5. Is this a site to which they will return when they have a need in the future ?
  6. How will the site affect their opinions or actions, now and in the future ?

Our goals by answering this question will be to produce a needs analysis that will meet your requirements and help us to determine what your site will need to provide and how.

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